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  • Spotrete F (Thiram)

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    Group M3 – Dithiocarbamate

    • Description: Turf fungicide and ornamental animal repellent
    • Mode of action: Inactivates amino acids, proteins and enzymes
    • Labeled for: Turf, nurseries, vineyards, orchards and landscapes
    • Diseases: Dollar spot, brown patch, etc Animals repelled: Deer, rabbit and rodents
    • Crops: Turf, trees, shrubs, nonbearing grapes and fruit trees
    • Benefits: Preventative and curative; tank mix compatible
    • Precautions: Cannot be used on crops that will bear fruit within one year
    • Signal word: Warning; EPA No: 45728-26-1001; EIQ: 29
    • Rate: (per 2-5 gallons) 3.75-7.5 oz per 1,000 sq ft