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    • The revolutionary repellent delivers a hot pepper (Capsaicin) concentrate that moves throughout the plant and roots, making the plants inedible
    • Doesn’t wash off in the rain or degrade in sunlight
    • These easy-to-use tablets are pre-measured; just place tablets into the soil 2-3” away from root crown and 1-3”below the soil surface, water in, and walk away
    • Depending on the size and health of the plant, movement from the roots throughout the rest of the plant may take a week to a month (for very large plants)
    • Apply 1 tablet/foot of plant height and width (height + width)
    • One treatment typically lasts the entire growing season
    • No odor or mixing required • Not intended for use on edible plants
    • Do not apply when plant is dormant or when soil is waterlogged or frozen