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    Group 11 - Imidazolinones
    Description: Sprayable, broad-spectrum foliar and drench fungicide for control of oomycete fungi
    Mode of action: Quinone outside inhibitor (QOI) electron transport system
    Labeled for: Greenhouses
    Diseases: Downy mildew, pythium and phytophthora
    Crops: Ornamentals
    Benefits: Highly translaminar as foliar and systemic as a drench
    Precautions: Use spreader-sticker; rotate fungicides
    Signal word: Caution; EPA No: 432-1389-59807
    Rate: 7-14 fl oz per 100 gallons; 2/5 tsp-4/5 tsp per gallon
    REI: 12 hours
    EIQ: 18.3