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    Basic Copper Sulfate
    Group M – Multisite Contact

    • Description: Fungicide and bactericide for control of diseases of foliage, flowers and stems.
    • Mode of action: Denaturation of proteins
    • Labeled for: Field crops, greenhouses and shade crops
    • Diseases: Alternaria, anthracnose, bacterial leaf spot and soft rot, botrytis, cercospora, downy and powdery mildew, entomosporium, fire blight, leaf spot, phomopsis, phytophthora, scab, xanthomonas, etc
    • Crops: Berries, vines, field crops, vegetables, turfgrass, conifers and ornamentals
    • Benefits: Broad label with > 60 different crops
    • Precautions: Residues may be irritating to eyes
    • Signal word: Warning; EPA No: 35935-3
    • Rate: 1.25 pints per 100 gallons; 7-14 day intervals; 1/3 tbsp-1 tsp per gallon
    • REI: 48 hours