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  • Cide-Kick Spray Adjuvant

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    Aquatic and Pesticide Surfactant

    • Cide-kick is a nonionic adjuvant for pesticides and aquatic herbicides, as well as an activator, penetrant, masking agent, and water miscible
    • Helps break down the waxy cuticle on the leaf surface; helps penetrate the bud and bark area, allowing an effective uptake of the herbicide
    • Cide-Kick is a byproduct of the citrus industry, a low viscosity oil and is compatible with most terrestrial and aquatic herbicides and pesticides
    • In aqautic weed control: surface weeds, use 1 pt - 2 qts/100 gallons; for submerged, use 1-2 gallons/100 gallons
    • For general applications, use 1 pt - 2 qt/100 gallons of water